About our Holter Service:

    • Same-Day Professionally Edited Holter Reports:
      We offer the most advanced and user-friendly same-day Internet Holter service available. Our professionally scanned CODED full-disclosure reports are printed in your office the same-day they are downloaded.
    • Comprehensive Suite of Diagnostic Procedures:
      Our Holter Analysis system offers diagnostic procedures intended to provide the most complete ECG picture available. These include: coded full disclosure, Atrial Fibrillation analysis, SAECG Late Potentials, Heart Rate Variability, QTc analysis and validation, pacemaker analysis, drug therapy tracking, sleep apnea monitoring, and T-Wave Alternans analysis, among others.
    • Multi-Day Capability:
      With our monitors, your office can record up to 7 days of continuous Holter ECG data.
    • Full Holter Software Access:
      With other Holter service companies, your office usually has to manually retrieve Holter reports, and you are only able to obtain hard copies. You have no ability to change, add or review anything in the patient's Holter software file. Conversely, with our service, when your report is ready, you will be notified and you can choose to print the report or transfer and store it to your electronic patient files. You will have full access to your patient's entire Holter software file with complete functionality.
    • Easy Set-up and Use

More Reasons to Use Our Services:

    • No technician, maintenance, or upgrade expenses
    • If you currently own, your system may be outdated, and too costly to update and maintain
    • Your existing Holter system may be cumbersome and patient-unfriendly
    • If you need more monitors, you want them now and you want them at no cost
    • If your patient damages a recorder, you want it replaced now and for free
    • Without question, you will get the most sophisticated Holter ECG technology available




Located in Los Angeles, CA, Intelli-Heart Services, Inc. is the service associate for DM Software.  Our services include Holter, Cardiac Event, and Real-Time Mobile Telemetry monitoring as well as complete Holter system sales and training.



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